Marcin Dziewulski

— about me

Thanks for stopping by.

My name is Marcin Dziewulski. 30 years old. Warsaw. Husband. Father.

I'm a developer with an eye for beautiful things. I enjoy solving challenges with technology by building simple, elegant and scalable solutions. I have experience with multiple projects and startups. I like working for people who are passionate about making great things.

The last four years I've been working as a javascript developer (including two years as a dev team leader) at Nozbe.

— skills
  • ReasonML, OCaml (I'm a functional programming enthusiast 🚀)
  • modern front-end engineering with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    knowledge of various frameworks and tools: React, Recompose, Mobx, Redux, RxJS, Flow, Babel, Webpack, Jest, PostCSS, Prettier
  • mobile application development with React Native
    iOS, Android
  • knowledge of effective development processes and tools for collaboration and versioning
  • application development with node.js
  • experienced in building desktop apps (electron, nw.js)
— experience
  • Team Leader at Nozbe
    9/2016 — …
  • JavaScript Developer at Nozbe
    12/2014 — 9/2016
  • Freelance JavaScript Developer at
    7/2012 — 11/2016
  • Technical Developer Support (Consultant) at Moovweb
    2/2012 — 4/2014
  • Front-End Developer at Codivate
    10/2009 — 10/2011